In the Matrix, today’s world, everything is extremely unstable …. a fluid world. Each atom can move and change at any time, even molecules previously held immutable and lasting as carved marble, are now constantly changing. Strong beliefs and steadfast institutions that used to remain fixed for centuries or even millennia, now cease to exist without the slightest warning.

– In the Matrix, a single “whistleblower” (or informant revealing shocking or scandalous secrets) can embarrass even the most powerful nation in the world, upsetting the entire diplomatic system.

– In the Matrix, a single terrorist can evoke global fear, abruptly changing customs, routine and world perspective.

– In the Matrix, a single cybercriminal can overthrow a billion-dollar corporation even though previously successful and secure for centuries, causing major unemployment.

– In the Matrix, a single hacker can pierce the most sophisticated security system in the world humiliating and exposing even those considered most honourable and untouchables.

The Matrix is such an interconnected world, fluid and unstable that a single man, if directly chosen and prepared by God, could become:

– The informant of the treacherous secrets of the prince of the Matrix,

– The “terrorist” (according to false Matrix propaganda) that threatens the entire host of demons, the masters of the dark Matrix

– The one to “crack” the cruel, evil machine that wants to rule the entire planet earth,

– The hacker who breaks down the walls of the arrogant and self-exalted Matrix;

Yes, if it is His will, God can use one single person to illuminate the four corners of this world. His last letter will be delivered with the warning of the fall of the Matrix and His followers will be safe forever more.

Really, it’s a world in which soon the last wave will engulf the earth, and everything will change.