The Hebrew noun “satan” has the meaning of “to oppose”, “to attack”, and therefore to “accuse” and “slander”. Satan, in fact, is the adversary and accuser of me and of the whole human race. He implacably accuses me man to God (see Zechariah 3:1-3 and Job 1:6-12).

The Creator God Himself declared war thousands of years ago between the offspring of the woman, i.e., the human race, and the offspring of the serpent, i.e., Satan along with his entire host of fallen angels. But He did not stop at declaring such a war, but predicted its outcome.

Speaking directly to Satan, the Creator said: “You will be the adversary of the human race. You will wound its heel. But this race will crush your head.” (see Genesis 3:15)

Oh yes, the ruinous and final defeat of the ancient serpent, aka Satan and Prince of the Matrix and former bringer of light, has been predicted and announced by the Omniscient already thousands of years ago and transcribed in the Holy Bible.

But the greatest and most bitter humiliation for the being who was once the most majestic creature in all of creation is represented by the fact that this defeat will come at the hands of man.

Yes, it will be a very simple mortal man who will crush the head of the ancient serpent, thus avenging Adam and the entire human race. Such a humble and fallible servant of the Most High, even in his human frailty, will not fail because of his great faith in the Eternal One, actually performing acts greater than those performed by God the son Jesus himself (see John 14:12). He will be the “Elijah” always announced by Jesus himself who will restore everything (see Matthew 17:11), restoring in his own being the image and likeness towards his Creator abandoned by my progenitors at the very moment of the fall in the Garden of Eden.

There is nothing that will be able to prevent such a “second David” from crushing/cutting off the head of the giant dragon at the time appointed by the Almighty: nothing and no one!

Alea iacta est, that is, the die is cast.

It is midnight.

The end.