A lost soul wanders into the house that was once his. Yes, once, because it no longer belongs to him. He has been evicted and the eviction validation order has become enforceable.
And yet, this soul in pain tries with the last strength left in his body and with a last gasp of hope to squat in what is no longer his. He has chained himself inside the house in protest, he no longer eats or drinks in the hope that the eviction will be lifted out of pity and sorrow.
But there is not even the slightest trace of a change of heart, let alone repentance in his deepest soul. No, only fear… indeed, terror of losing his privileged status, his kingship and his breath of life, until that moment eternal in nature.

And not only is the darkest terror engulfing him, but also an unbridled rage is corroding him from within. By now his stomach is on fire and his whole body is beginning to wither. His nerves are taut and ready for the final assault and his spirit is still fighting, but his body no longer responds to his commands… it bends in surrender.

Total discouragement is painted on his face. But no, he doesn’t want to move from there. The house was his and must remain so forever. And so his squatting continues.

This dwelling, which once housed the purest light, has been squatted, thus becoming a receptacle for demons, the den of every unclean spirit and the refuge of every impure and abominable bird.

But the new owner has come to the door. You hear the key that penetrates the lock without any effort, it slides smoothly into the cylinder. Oh yes, the key is right… the owner is indeed him. There are no more doubts.
Time has run out and the squatter is dragged out by force. He still tries to wriggle and kick, but these are now feeble and feeble attempts because they are made of millimeter movements, almost imperceptible.
The eviction has taken place and the squatting has ended. The house comes back to life, rediscovering (and overcoming!) its ancient splendor and the “shadow of death” is transformed into pure light. And finally its new owner legitimately and worthily occupies all its rooms, offering lodging to the poor in spirit, the afflicted, the meek, the pure in heart, the hungry and thirsty for justice, the merciful and pure in heart, and also to those who strive for peace, the insulted and persecuted for the sake of justice. (see Matthew 5:1-11)
Everything has finally been restored! (see Matthew 17:11)