In the vast confines of the universe, the echo of an ancient Psalm is dispersed,

Told for eternity, from the four corners of extended space.

The Almighty is my guardian; I don’t miss anything.

He leads me to an oasis of peace, where the waters are calm,

And he renews my essence, guiding me in the paths of righteousness for the honor of his name.

When I walk through the shadows of death, no harm comes to me,

For He is with me; His support and guidance comfort me,

And in the deepest darkness, his presence is my light, a beacon of perpetual hope.

Even in the fervent battlefield, where Good and Evil eternally clash,

Between celestial hosts and dark legions, in the vibrant heart of conflict,

A luminous island emerges, where evil, immobilized by the supreme Good, assists, defeated and silent.

Shadows of doubt lie mighty, and the cold whisper of fear haunts the twilight,

but the voice of the Creator of the universe resonates powerfully in my heart:

“For you, I have set the table, in the sight of your enemies.”

As dawn dissolves the veil of twilight, my enemies watch,

Not to my fall, but to my sublime elevation, a sign of his faithfulness,

For He has spoken, and His word is the anchor in the turmoil, the beacon that guides through every storm.

Light and truth flow gloriously powerful, illuminating every corner of creation,

Confusing those who saw my humility as an assured victory,

But now, disoriented, they witness my ascension, heralded by their own pride.

Above me, the sacred oil, symbol of his divine protection,

Consecrate my head, while my cup overflows with hope, joy and prosperity without limits,

A love that overcomes every test, a radiant bridge over unfathomable abysses.

Prosperity and grace will follow me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in my Father’s house for immortal days,

Celebrating a consecrated life under the sign of his infinite benevolence.

In this journey of light, every step is triumph,

Every day an advance towards a bright and eternal destiny,

Among the stars and celestial destinies, I walk free and invincible,

In the perpetual celebration of the triumph that surpasses every dream.