Proverbs 29:18 (first part): If people do not have divine revelation there is nothing holding them back;

Matrix, 2013: wars, defaults and failures, disasters and earthquakes, terrorism, murder, inequality, racism, riots, death sentences, harassment, violence, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion, misunderstandings, drugs, child exploitation ….

The citizens of the Matrix are confused, fearful and hopeless. We do not admit it but man has never needed to hear the voice of his Creator as much as now. The false path to independence from the divine laws proposed thousands of years ago by the old serpent has by now shown the entire universe the righteousness of the law of God and the love in which it was conceived.

Today man has clear evidence that God is love and that apart from Him there is only desolation and destruction. And to think that we were hoping to become gods ourselves … What a bitter end the Matrix is coming to, this created world so dearly loved by me a creature. By now all of its citizens are, as it says in my polestar (the Bible), with no control or restrain.

But divine revelation is coming, awaited and prophesied. The voice of God will soon resound to the four corners of the earth (Revelation 18), and each man will individually make his own decision about his personal eternal destiny: either with the Matrix, the world of fallible and mortal gods, or with God the Creator, the one who is immortal and eternal.