Literally, “sic parvis magna” means “from such small things to such great things.” In other words, “from humble beginnings to great achievements.”

Adam and Eve, of whose creation the first book (Genesis) of the Bible, my polar star, tells us, were created in the image and likeness of the Creator himself. Unassuming and decidedly unhumble origins I might say today. Beautiful beings that resembled and reflected the perfect image of the architect of the entire universe. Truly the noblest origins imaginable in all of creation.

Alas, the human race, starting with its very progenitors Adam and Eve, has strayed terribly from this privileged status. As a result, the entire planet has begun to suffer the harmful consequences of this estrangement from the Creator God, giver of life. And this inexorable decline and unstoppable aging is dramatically clear before my eyes today. Everything withers and everything loses vitality until the ultimate epilogue, death.

But what is unstoppable for me, a mortal creature with only limited power, is not at all so for my Father who is in heaven. He is the one who is stable, eternal and omnipotent. That creator and creator of the entire universe has in mind a return of the small, humble, limited, sick and tired human being to the ancient splendor and beyond.

The human race is about to experience the most incredible elevation the entire universe has ever experienced. And its deeds will rise to great feats never before accomplished by any creature (see John 14:12). Yes, the being today reduced more than ever to low and humble levels will experience an elevation that not even the most fervent imagination can even remotely and partially imagine.

The impossible will soon become possible. The smallest and humblest will soon be the greatest and most glorious and the miserable deeds accomplished until now will be only a distant memory because they will be replaced by heroic deeds of immense value. Such great deeds will remember and reflect the deeds and miracles of God the Son Jesus during his brief stay on this planet and will be an anticipation of the perfection that will await me in Paradise.

The human race, unfortunately not in its entirety but limited to those who love and yearn for divine character perfection, will pass from its humble present status to the most glorious splendor that a created being has ever had the honor of receiving as a gift. And all other races created by the Creator God will observe with the utmost attention and bated breath this elevation, noting with immense amazement the absolute similarity of this once rebellious, ugly and diseased race to their Creator, faithfully reflecting the character as well as the divine light emanating from the throne of the Almighty.

This metamorphosis will be for the entire universe an enigma, but at the same time also an immense joy that will bring them (including the angelic race) closer to their God, Creator and Father than ever before. In this way, the ancient biblical prophecy of Malachi 4:6 will be fulfilled in a complete and universal way, which foreshadows the turning of the hearts of the children towards their fathers, and ultimately towards the universal Father.

Yes, those of the human race who will have renounced their rebellion by embracing the divine character of their Father who has waited so long for them, will have in heaven the whitest robes, the brightest faces, the shiniest crowns and the most beautiful characters ever. They will be for real, and as even Adam and Eve were at the time of their creation, in the image and likeness of the Creator God, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Sic parvis magna.