A big Matrix prison in which I live is the fear of what others think. To live in peace I feel more and more compelled by an invisible, poorly identified force to live inside a mental fence that my society defines as “normality”. If you think like everyone else, people will leave you alone because you’re normal. If, however, you go beyond the fence and start to express your own personal inspiration, then you’re in trouble. It’s as though there’s a sort of gravity that attracts me towards the nucleus of the Matrix represented by its idolized “standards”.

To complete this prison of worldwide, universal range, the architects of the Matrix have created a human population full of prison guards ready to attack anyone who falls out of line with these norms/standards. This happens on the political, economic and religious levels. Yes, even the ecclesiastical institutions have their prison guards (wolves) dressed as guardians of the truth (sheep).  By now there’s an army of prison guards who impose the Matrix standards on each other. In short, the prince of the Matrix is modeling me, man, to a prepackaged standard so I will be easier to deal with, control and dominate. These are the foundations of a worldwide tyranny, an open-air prison in which I am unconsciously a prisoner and guard at the same time.

When He came two thousand years ago, Jesus walked outside the Matrix normality of His times and was severely attacked for it. In fact, he was eliminated altogether.

What makes me think things are different nowadays? Who wants to make me believe that today’s prison guards are on Jesus’ side?

I have to look reality in the face and admit to myself that Jesus too, above all, would have been labeled, discriminated against and even persecuted today as a dangerous subversive against the Matrix normality.

The Matrix offers me its standard: the broad path of normality, a descending road, well-paved with the consensus of the great and powerful. Jesus, on the other hand, suggests I take a path that is not known to the man who always trusts in other men and in institutions, a narrow, unpaved path invisible to the human eye because it is a non-road, an uphill off-road with no tarmac by way of abandoning one’s EGO.

It’s up to me to decide whether to stay in this prison or follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ liberty and salvation, footsteps that do not tread roads built by man but adventure along a path that to the Matrix standard is pure madness.