It takes infinitely longer and is a more demanding process to build a sandcastle than it is to destroy it, and that can happen in a blink of an eye and even by the hands of the smallest and weakest of children. This is due to the typical feature of sand, which of course, is what a sandcastle is made up of. Millions of grains of sand, by nature, do not mix. And if someone tried build with sand, the balance that gives it the form of a castle can very easily collapse. Often just as easy as even blowing out a candle.

Such is the nature of evil. Like sand, it is laboriously shaped by its own prince, for centuries and millennia, so that it assumes the shape of a great kingdom, strong and unbeatable. But the very nature of evil is extremely selfish, self-seeking, opportunistic, lying, malevolent, envious and destructive. Therefore, the endless “grains of evil” have until recently collaborated to form this their kingdom, with the desire for self exaltation at the expense of any other being. This all can switch to competition in the blink of an eye, and inevitably end up at war with anyone, friend or foe.

Evil, by its very nature, is not able to blend in a homogeneous and lasting way. It creates coalitions, pacts and is also capable of agreements. But today, any excuse is good enough to suddenly subdue yesterday’s ally for its own selfish advantage. As we know, loyalty and self-sacrifice is not at home in the realm of evil. Even less so is the love that leads to an exactly opposite result: that of cooperation, unity and mutual search for the common good.

In other words, the face of evil is not united as they want me to believe. Rather, every single piece of evil, being in constant search of his own self-aggrandizement, would gladly do without its allies, destroying them all with the utmost satisfaction and perverse pleasure. These evil doers have a hard time limiting their own progress towards the tip of the pyramid, they do it only for their malicious and opportunistic calculations. Therefore, the self-limitation of evil and destructive nature is always and only temporary. It might only take a small spark to explode the infinite evil grains into a civil war, in search of absolute individual supremacy. In fact, the prince of evil himself is the most paranoid of all, fearing a stab in the back at any time and from any of his “friends.” No one, not even he, can sleep peacefully in the kingdom of evil, because evil is so voracious that it can even devour itself.

The wicked cannot stand his neighbours as peers, let alone whoever is superior to him. The wicked accepts and tolerates only the subservient, who would be a useful and necessary tool for his exaltation. The allies of the wicked collaborate, but they deeply hate each other, constantly envious and, sooner or later, will end up destroying each other. That is why evil is so infinitely stupid, so near-sighted (while declaring itself illuminated), and above all so destructive and lethal that at the end of it all, it becomes its own executioner. When this happens, the disturbing effect to creation would be instantly removed. He has massacred and tortured nature for so long just for his foolish and impossible plans.

No, I’m not worried about the evil that rages in my life and in my society. Evil will not able to last, lacking precisely those vital features needed to build a strong “castle”, resistant to weather elements. Evil wrote death in its DNA, as opposed to the good, which is immortal, being the Creator’s image imprinted in His creation.