My North Star (the Bible) often mentions the “Watchtower” where fans of Jesus should be stationed awake and alert, waiting to see a sign of His second coming to planet earth, who wants to restore His kingdom of peace and glory. In particular, the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 21:8-10) predicts the fall of the Matrix, which will be announced by a mysterious messenger who will notify the faithful watchmen that will be lurking on the watchtower.

The Matrix has also built its own “watchtowers”, of which it is particularly proud. But unlike those of the fans of Jesus, the towers of the Matrix have as their main purpose: to protect the Matrix status quo from these hierarchies, controlling and indoctrinating the masses of their people, stifling ideas, thoughts and desires that are in opposition to them. Yes, these towers are used to maintain the leadership on a level inaccessible to the ordinary citizen or believer. And from this privileged position, and with the power that such a “height” gives, they fight against the message of Jesus, the message that wants us all at the same level. Indeed, “the first shall be last” says Jesus.

The sad truth is that in the Matrix, the fortress serves to shamefully suppress and trample the people, blocking any initiative that would arises from below. But these watchtowers, although they look powerful, they can do nothing against the latest revolution announced in the biblical prophecies. It will be a peaceful revolution, yet at the same time undefeatable. A revolution that will come from the underground, like a tsunami sweeping away all the proud towers of the Matrix.

It is no coincidence that the prophet Joel proclaimed (see Joel 2:28-32) that in the last days, just before the return of Jesus, God will speak through His servants, young and old … but strangely enough, no reference is made to the proud leaders boastfully wearing their matrix uniforms loaded with medals of honour and standing on their watchtowers with guns pointed at their own brothers and sisters.