“Where is your immortality, O former cherub with outstretched wings? The wrinkles in your face, your breathlessness at every little step and your failing mental clarity make you anxious, do they not? But having now for millennia repudiated the divine spiritual power bestowed upon you at your creation, did you really think you had become like God?

Where is your ex-Lucifer suit of light? You have detached yourself from the universal source of energy, or am I mistaken? Have you not yet realised that you are just a dark, cold star that reflected the light and warmth of the only Sun in the universe? But such a star has gone completely into the cone of shadow, thus becoming an invisible and useless planet in the universe.

Where is your kingdom, O Prince of the Matrix? Is it not crumbling at the slightest gust of wind like a sandcastle? Thousands of years of tireless effort to find yourself in command of a desolate kingdom and a defeated army devoid of any trace of life.

Where is your intelligence and wisdom O ancient serpent? Your gospel is a religion based on debt and your words are false and lying. Your intellectual faculties have rotted to such an extent that you have fallen into your own traps infatuated and intoxicated by your crazy and baseless philosophies.

Where is your victory or ‘commander-in-chief’? It is slipping away from you like sand between your fingers, is it not? The more you desire it and the more you force your hand, the more it slips away. Victory does not belong to you, any more than life and the garment of light that you have always taken for granted belongs to you. But you are only a creature who, far from its Creator, will inexorably return to dust.

O dragon, there is nothing left for you but to swallow up those four abominable birds that still listen to you and follow you before a new dazzling and glittering star will make you disappear for eternity, illuminating all four corners not only of planet earth, but of the entire universe, with the life-giving light of the Creator God Almighty.

O former morning star, child of the dawn, thou hast totally and definitively eclipsed. Yours is the starkest and saddest metamorphosis in the entire history of the universe: from light-bearer to black hole. What an involution… the very one who promised eternal elevation and unlimited illumination has inexorably faded away, swallowed up by total eclipse.”

P.S. It may seem strange to you, but I too am sorry that you have embarked with a truly senseless and self-destructive obstinacy on this dead end that will soon interrupt your existence that started with the best possible premises. You were a spectacular creature, the most spectacular of them all, but you have devolved into a sad spectacle for the whole of creation, which now looks at you, just as I do, with dismay, disbelief and a deep sense of sadness. But by now even these few farewell verses I am writing to you are too long for your memory which is failing you and also for your sight which is close to total blindness.”