Then a messenger of the Almighty Creator will come down from heaven with the key of the abyss and a large chain in his hand. This last servant, the beloved, the firstborn, the twin brother of Jesus will grab the dragon, the ancient serpent, the devil, Satan, aka the Prince of the Matrix, will bind him for a thousand years, and throw him into the abyss which he will close and seal above him, so that he may not deceive the nations until the thousand years are completed. (see Revelation 20: 1-3 first part)

The Prince of the Matrix will soon be swallowed by the abyss where he will remain for so long that the human race will forget him. No trace will remain of him, memories will vanish, all swallowed up by the abyss.

He who wanted to hurt with the abyss will die alone and cursed forever in the same abyss.

Here is the only immortality you will find oh Prince: the curse that you yourself uttered against the Creator and all other creatures will survive you and will hover over your tomb forever. And such a curse will find no peace until there is nothing left of your bones but dust. Yes, because your flesh will have been consumed by worms long ago.

And in the end, even the abyss, which will serve as a sarcophagus for your remains for some time, will be ashamed of you and will disown you, spewing your dust from the four winds.