I will rebuild on the ancient ruins of the Matrix,
I will reconsecrate to the Creator the places desecrated by evil.
I will renew devastated cities,
I will clear darkened minds and invigorate depressed hearts.
Those who were my enemies will rule my lands in harmonious peace,
the sons of my enemies will be my most faithful and intimate collaborators.

I will be called a priest of the Creator God,
The people will call me minister of the Most High.
The wealth of the nations will be mine,
I shall have universal glory.

Instead of my shame, I shall have a double blessing;
Instead of infamy, I shall rejoice in my immortality.
Yes, in my country I shall possess twice as much
And I shall be happy forever.

For my father loves justice,
He hates robbery and pillage, the fruit of evil.
He will give me immortality faithfully
And he will establish with me an unbreakable covenant of peace and friendship.
My family shall be known among the nations and peoples,
My descendants among all creation.
All who see us
will recognize that we are a family blessed by the Almighty.

(C-style version of Isaiah 61:4-9)