The architects inspired by the Matrix try to scientifically destroy the freedom of the people (creatures originally created in the moral image and likeness of the Creator God), using every legal and illegal method to corrupt their morals.

In the Matrix, today, right before my eyes is unfolding a vision that is very similar to the true picture painted by my guiding star (the Bible) when it describes the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. I see people whose seal of moral likeness to their Creator has been desecrated!

Souls are psychologically destroyed, becoming materialistic zombies, selfish, proud, intemperate, fierce, false and unfaithful. Sexually aggressive monsters, alcoholics and drug addicts. Shell-like humans are morally depraved, while maintaining an image of apparent respectability, they cannot stand up against the rebellious and self-destructive Matrix. Indeed, since the confrontation with the fans of Jesus strongly brings out their vileness, they prefer to embrace the demons who make them feel more accepted and comfortable. (see 2 Timothy 3: 1-9)

A society that loses that moral foundation, quickly degenerates to perversion and depravity, and becomes totally like the image and likeness of the prince of the Matrix.

Yes, a new Matrix society is emerging, whose judgment and morals are so corrupt and immoral, that it will soon no longer be able to distinguish between the high ideals of Angels and the misleading insurgency and rebellion of DEMONS and their commander in chief.

Jesus says to me today, “Truly I tell you that in the day of judgment, Sodom and Gomorrah will be treated less harshly than the Matrix.” (see Matthew 10:15)