“Eyes Wide Shut ” (the title of a famous Hollywood movie) is a play on words not easily translated in other languages. Usually in English eyes are “wide open” and never “wide shut”. “Eyes wide shut” is a dichotomy, an oxymoron that declares the eyes are tight shut when in reality they are very wide open, a forced connection of opposites that mark the meaning of the film, but also of the present situation of the fans of Jesus. Through biblical prophecies, they received a clear vision of lies and conspiracies from the prince of the Matrix in the last days. Even though the great conflict between good and evil was revealed to them, they prefer to keep their wide-open eyes tightly shut. Indeed, these fake fans of Jesus even dare to mock their brothers calling them poor crazy conspiracy theorists just because they allow themselves to cry out in the dark and dreary Matrix night. But it’s almost midnight, the voice of Jesus will be loud and clear, illuminating the whole earth with the message: ” My dear fans, you think yourself all-seeing, but in truth you are blind … You have your “eyes wide shut”.

The prince of the Matrix, believing himself an undisputed master of planet earth, has come out into the open. The manipulation of truth is always more intense in the light of the sun … before my eyes … my “eyes wide shut “.

When am I going to stop fooling myself, thinking to be all-seeing? When will I accept the perspective of the world from my guiding star prophesies of two thousand years ago? The last chapters of Revelation, the last book of the my guiding star, the Bible, is coming true before my own eyes, giving me very clear signs of the times. Does it have to take Hollywood to make me understand that I am a citizen who believes myself to be free, conscious and reality-aware? Does it take Hollywood for me to see that in the real world I am manipulated and used as an unconscious slave, blind and unaware of the Matrix developments of these times?

Hollywood, the hypnotic lighthouse of the Matrix, is laughing in my face, telling me that I have my “eyes wide shut “. But the true fans of Jesus are about to open their eyes and reveal to the world the devilish plans, thus preparing for the return of Jesus, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

“Eyes OPEN Wide” is the real-to-live movie that is to be released by the fans of Jesus, a film that the Matrix would never want to see. Victory is in sight!