Universal brotherhood between Humans and Angels

In the heart of the infinite, where the eternal touches the sky,

human and angelic brotherhood is reborn, merged in harmony with the Divine.

This kingdom, melting pot of reality and potential,

it pulsates with a powerful peace, with a stillness that moves mountains.

Beings of pure light,

join forces in a cosmic ballet,

where every gesture is an act of creation,

every glance a bridge between worlds.

The presence of the Father,

animates this expanding universe,

where to live is to transform, is to travel

towards an absolute without borders.

Here, where the finite meets the infinite,

the laws bend in dances of harmony,

and the celestial landscapes, from the glass sea to the crystal city,

they are the quintessence of a new divine order.

Humans and angels, now brothers under the gaze of the Father,

bear witness to a reborn era,

where every act resonates with possibility,

shifting the very essence of the universe.

It’s not a dream, but the promise of a tomorrow,

where union becomes strength,

and common destiny guides us

towards horizons of unexplored light.

In this timeless space,

harmony is the key, vision is our path,

and together, in this cosmic embrace,

we dance towards the infinite, architects of new worlds.