The human race and planet earth is under attack. It’s an invisible attack because it is spiritual, a devious and subtle attack because it is unconventional.

The evil waves of this unconventional spiritual attack have spread virally in every area of life in my society:

  • The economy is definitely biased towards the law of the strongest.
  • Politics has incredibly forgotten the common good.
  • Religion has slowly weakened and depleted the will of the Creator God.

This is definitely the time to stand up in favour of truth and divine justice, and against the Matrix and all that it represents: injustice, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice.

  • It’s time to stand up against violence.
  • It’s time to separate ourselves from this rampant selfishness that dominates our society.
  • It’s time to amplify the truth contained in the Creator’s Word, making my guiding star shine through my example, becoming more and more like Jesus.

I can be sure that trusting in the Creator God will give me new strength, I will rise up and fly like an eagle, I will run and not get tired, I will walk and not grow weary (see Isaiah 40:31). And as soon as I reach the peaks like an eagle, I will see the arrival of a new dawn which will soon dissipate the darkness that now seems to reign.

Yes, it is now time for the light to shine.