My pole star (the Bible), in its prophecies about planet Earth’s last days, announces the formation of a people of 144,000 individuals who, having the name of Jesus and the Father written on their foreheads, will be sealed by God. My pole star also calls this group of 144,000 sealed people “the remnant”. Now, since salvation has not been granted by God to a limited number in the human race (John 1:12), I understand that this number must be, as is much of the content in the Biblical prophecies, symbolic, not real. This means that I too can be a part of this elect people, i.e. of this last generation before Jesus’ glorious return. But how?

A verse in the book of Revelation gives me a very particular and absolutely unique clue telling me that these 144,000 will sing a new “song”. Now, to understand the Word of God I must always consult the Word of God itself. In this balanced, mature way, without turning to human wisdom, I discover that the spiritual meaning of a “divine song” lies in the testimony it gives. That is, the “songs” inspired by God serve to teach His children His truths through this special testimony (Deuteronomy 31:19).

So the 144,000 will be the final generation of Jesus’ fans who in the last days will finally give, in the dense spiritual darkness of the Matrix, a full testimony of God’s glorious face! Yes, because bearing God’s name on your forehead means you belong to Him, bearing His seal of ownership. And the seal given to human beings (and only to them out of the whole creation), was precisely being created in the (moral) image and likeness of the Creator. Only this testimony (more experienced than spoken of!!!) by His faithful fans will be God’s last cry directed at moribund planet Earth and the human race which is more and more like the Matrix, and the last hope in extremis to come out from the Matrix using your last ounce of strength to cling to your heavenly Father.