As is known, God’s law, or the Ten Commandments given by God to those He created through His servant Moses, can be found in the second book of my pole star (the Bible) in Exodus 20.

The careful fan of Jesus, though, doesn’t miss what Jesus, God’s Son, said about this law that was given to Moses. Jesus emphasizes in Matthew 5:17 the fact that He didn’t come to abolish that law but to bring it to completion. Thus God’s law is still valid and has not been abolished. But, at the same time, I understand that without Jesus this law was incomplete. He made it complete. Indeed, Jesus does not remove commandments from the Decalogue. On the contrary, He adds to them. For example, only a few verses later (v. 22) Jesus explains to me that not only must I not kill my neighbor, I must not even wish him harm. But Jesus’ commandments become even more radical when they even state that I must love my neighbor as myself, without excluding my enemies!

A humble and sincere fan of Jesus must thus come to the conclusion that he/she isn’t yet a Christian who really observes His most complete law, but only a whitened sepulcher, or, in other words, a fan of His who has fallen asleep in the Matrix. And only now do I understand that the real keeper of the divine law is exclusively He who has the 360° character of Jesus (John 1:18), because the complete law of God is actually the moral face (character) of God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit, and not a list of 10 things to do or not do! And only by becoming 360° like Jesus do I really come out of the Matrix!!!

Do I have the humility to accept that I am still sleeping deeply in the Matrix, and do I really nurture the desire to draw even closer to the will of my beloved Creator, or do I already feel that I am proudly the keeper of the perfect law of God?