In mathematics, in linear algebra in particular, a matrix is an ordered array of elements; the horizontal lines of elements are called rows and the vertical ones are called columns.

My world today is a Luciferian matrix because it’s a world in which I am a slave who must remain imprisoned in my cell. In mathematical terms I am only a number that must remain at row X, column Y. This is my preassigned place:

  • They say that you can’t talk about God if you don’t have a degree in theology.
  • They say that you can’t start a spiritual project without the existing religious institutions.
  • They say that you can’t divulge your thoughts without a publisher to back you.
  • They say that you can’t use language that is too modern to talk about Jesus.
  • They say that you can’t reinterpret the prophecies that have already been defined by ecclesial tradition.
  • They say that… I must stay in my preassigned place in the Matrix: row X, column Y!

But this matrix-like slave-driving, enslaving world will miss its much-desired mark. The Matrixian system will crumble precisely at the moment when it seems to have become omnipotent! And exactly as in the days of the Babylonian king Belshazzar (son of the king Nebuchadnezzar) the hand of  God wrote on the plaster of the walls of the royal palace that his kingdom had come to the end of the line (see Daniel 5), in the same way God the Creator will write on the central computer of the Matrix: SYSTEM FAILURE!

And this time it will be a definitive, eternal and irreversible shutdown.