In a forgotten corner of the universe, under a bridge that was once an emblem of progress and union, lies the echo of an entity that once was. Wrapped in rags, impregnated with the acrid smell of desperation, this being was once a prince among princes, holder of wealth, power, love and admiration. But, blinded by arrogance and corrupted by wickedness, he craved beyond all limits, even at the cost of his own soul.

His thirst for domination was unquenchable, this desire pushed him to prefer the darkness to the light that had once guided him. He broke away from his origins, abandoning the One who had created him, loved him, and blessed him beyond all dreams. His palace, the most magnificent of all, was exchanged for a cold bed under a bridge, symbol of his descent from grace.

Now, devoid of all dignity and wrapped in an aura of failure, this being fights not only against the cold and hunger but is consumed by an enormous ego and a heart steeped in hatred and resentment. His desire for supremacy and self-aggrandizement remains insatiable; if possible, he would subject every home to his will, in a perpetual quest for domination.

The smell that surrounds him has merged with him; it no longer disturbs him, since it preludes the inevitable putrefaction of his being. He embodies the tragedy of those who, gifted with pure light, chose darkness, losing every precious possession. It is a warning against arrogance and greed, a reminder that, despite gifts and riches, the true fall is in being consumed by dark and destructive desires.

As he wanders, his presence becomes a beacon of terror and disgust, hastening his decline every time he inspires fear. He ages rapidly, his figure increasingly ghostly.

The city, witness to his past arrogance, now shuns him, a shadow among shadows, a living example of the consequences of pride. But in his heart there is no wisdom, only an insatiable thirst for revenge.

On his last night, I find him dying, an empty shell still challenging the sky with blasphemies. His existence is extinguished, leaving behind only the memory of a fateful choice: loneliness and darkness.

The rain that begins to fall not only erases the traces of his existence but also symbolizes a universal purification. The entire creation, now fully aware of his story, awakens to a new dawn, enriched by an understanding of the importance of humility, love and community. His life, a perennial warning, incites all creatures to profound introspection and growth, a renewed commitment to divine harmony and the common good.

The universe, witness to this end, is not unaware but profoundly aware. His passing marks a universal lesson, not welcomed with joy but with reflection. It becomes a warning symbol against arrogance and pride