Here I am before a story not of simple misery, but of a titanic fall: the epic of an essence stripped of all dignity, morality, and sense of justice. Once the supreme ruler, he walked, with a firm step, the path of arrogance and corruption, sealing his fate towards oblivion.

This life, which once shone as a beacon of potential greatness, now lies as a grim reminder of the ruins brought by isolation and pride. His descent from the pinnacle of honor to the most desolate desolation is not only a personal journey, but a bitter reflection on the loss of the most sacred virtues.

Here, the darkness embraced is not merely symbolic, but permeates every fiber of his being. The turning away from the light, the rejection of ties with the Father, the Creator of all, the abandonment of ethical and moral principles—everything converges towards complete isolation, an existence surrounded by many, but in reality, profoundly alone.

There is no redemption or hope of salvation in this conclusion. No glory awaits its epilogue, only the painful realization of an existence consumed by selfishness, by the denial of every gesture of altruism and goodness. His final hours, a vain struggle with the inevitable, nail down his fate as the tragic epitaph of how irreparable the loss is, when core values and original creative balance are abandoned.

Thus ends the story of a being now distant from dignity, morality and love. A narrative that ends here, leaving behind only the echo of a warning: neglecting essential divine values leads to an end without redemption, shrouded in the darkness of a now forgotten existence.