Also known as the Mountain Lion, the Puma symbolizes pure vitality and spiritual energy. This feline moves with grace, speed and elegance and is capable of lightning fast attacks. For this reason, this regal animal has, over time, also become a symbol of power.

My North Star in Isaiah 49:1-7 speaks of the coming of a servant of the Creator God in the style of the Puma in the very last days before the second coming of Jesus. And it is through this apocalyptic Puma that the Almighty will manifest His glory before the whole world.

The great Architect of the universe says to his Puma to whom he has made his mouth like a sharp sword, making him a sharp arrow: “I want to make you the light of the nations, the instrument of my salvation to the ends of the earth”.

This Puma will adopt, exactly like Jesus, a code of behavior based on firm ethical and moral principles from which he cannot be deviated in any way, thus becoming in a completely unexpected and lightning fast way the point of reference for friends, family and for the entire global village. And when these principles are questioned, the servant of the Creator God similar to this feline will defend them with all his might because they constitute his identity.

Such a Puma will turn out to be self-confident and able to convey that confidence to all those with whom he will relate as well. The matrixian zombies will be afraid of her strong personality, feeling a sort of threat; Jesus’ fans, on the other hand, will feel safe, having a great esteem for this morally solid and trustworthy personality.

My North Star prophesies about this apocalyptic Puma with these words: “Kings will see him and rise up; princes also and bow down, because of the LORD who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel who chose you”.

The only reliable and honest point of reference in an apocalyptic world where all certainties, even the millenary ones, will have collapsed, will be this Puma to whom the attention of the whole world will turn to receive the last message of the Heavenly Father.

Such a Puma is at the gates!