Alas! I find myself as after the harvesting of the fruit,

as after the gleaning, when the harvest is over;

there is nothing left to eat;

I long in vain for a poor piece of bread.

The pious man has disappeared from the earth;

there are no more angels among men;

all are ready to shed blood,

Each one hunts his brother and sister.

Their hands are ready for evil… DEMONS disguised as men;

the ruler thinks only of his own interests,

the judge lets himself be corrupted,

the rich and powerful accumulate even more power and money,

and these DEMONS thus weave their plots.

The best of them is a slimy serpent;

The best of them is a slippery serpent; the most upright is more venomous than a viper.

The day announced by your postmen the prophets, the day of your justice is coming;

then the DEMONS will be all, from first to last, in collapse.