“I am the bringer of light, your Master of elevation and enlightenment. I am the one true source of truth and freedom.
Make your gods in your own image and likeness. Prostrate yourself before them and serve them blindly.

Remember your day of rest. Work when thou wilt and do whatsoever thou wilt.  The day that you decide will be your day of rest, consecrated to yourself.
Honour thyself and none but thyself!
Do not kill, unless you consider it useful for the attainment of your ends.
Adultery does not exist. There are only those who live their lives (the only life that exists) to the fullest and those who, on the contrary, castrate themselves and limit themselves unnecessarily, foolishly hoping for a future life in which the wolf and the lamb will graze together. I have a hard time not laughing…
Do not steal, unless you consider it useful to your ends.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, unless thou deemest it expedient to thy ends.
Covet your neighbour’s house and all his possessions; desire your neighbour’s wife, husband, and children; desire whatever you wish, and do whatever is necessary to satisfy your every lust, always and everywhere.
In other words, do not set yourself any limits, even to the point of elevating yourself as your own personal God. For that is the way to true and only elevation and enlightenment.
(see the true and only commandments of the Creator God in Exodus 20:1-17)