The Path to the New Jerusalem

Dear brother,

I understand the acuteness of the pain that now pervades your spirit, in this moment of suspension between two worlds. You perceive yourself as a stranger to our Father’s heavenly family, even though He has welcomed you with open arms into His eternal home. You find yourself in limbo, aware that you have definitively renounced your ancient affiliation with the one who was once the bearer of light, a decision you have made with unshakable firmness.

I observe your wandering in cosmic uncertainty, uncertain which path to fight, which direction to take. Witnessing the insults and mockeries hurled at you with fervor and malice by your former companions, I see the contempt in their gazes, eyes filled with hatred and fury. But, peering deeper, I also perceive the fear and admiration they have for your valiant detachment from the one you have served as ruler and guide for too long. Yes, in you they see the emblem of what they themselves ardently desire. They envy you because they recognize the truth and wisdom of the path you have chosen, the only one that leads to immortality in the embrace of our Father.

Ignore their voices, continue unstoppably on your path together with the other angels who, with courage, have abandoned transience for the promise of eternity. You are not alone in this journey. Advance, without hesitation. When the conflict intensifies, when the battle heats up, it is a sign that you are on the right path, the narrow path that leads to the Father’s threshold. This is the route that guarantees you immortality, while those who hesitate, who linger, are destined to eternal perdition, to non-existence, to ashes.

Lift your gaze towards the horizon: you will see your fellow men, faithful to the Father, coming to your aid. While perhaps doubting the depth of your conversion, the sincerity of your return, they are approaching you to offer you support. They will be your guide, your shield along the tortuous but safe path to salvation.

Don’t look back at the past, at the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah that you left behind you; rather, fix your eyes on the goal, on the New Jerusalem that stands out radiantly on the horizon. What a vision of splendor, of magnificence!

Yes, you are a full citizen, and a warm, welcoming home awaits you. Our Father himself will deliver it to you, after holding you in a strong and love-filled embrace.

The Almighty is with you, in every step, in every breath.