My unfaithful representatives,

Listen carefully, you so-called guardians and guides of my sacred human and angelic progeny, who have dared to usurp and desecrate what is most precious: curse be upon you! You dared to feed yourselves at the expense of my sons and daughters, leaving them at the mercy of your negligence and greed! It was your duty, first and foremost, to feed and protect my family, not plunder them!

You have plundered the best, you have wrapped yourself in luxurious softness, you have consumed the noblest, completely ignoring the needs of my children. You did not provide support to the weak, you did not care for the sick, nor did you offer comfort to the injured. You turned your back on the wanderer, you abandoned the lost; with ferocity and without a shred of compassion, you imposed your will. My beloved family, without guidance, was lost in the chaos, becoming easy prey to all sorts of evil, lost and without hope. My children are wanderers, desperate in every corner of the universe, abandoned with no one who shows genuine concern or intention to help them.

Therefore, hear my wrath, you who have failed as protectors and guides of my universal family, feel the fury of the Almighty Creator! With all the fire of my existence, I announce that since you have left my progeny defenseless, exposed to the attacks of every predator, and since you have only cared about enriching yourselves, neglecting my beloved sons and daughters, now, prepare yourselves to face the my implacable wrath! These are words of fire and justice: I stand up against you, protectors and unworthy leaders. I will claim my children; Never again will I allow them to be exploited for your gain. I will free them from your evil clutches, and they will no longer be victims of your selfishness.

Here, I fire you on the spot! I myself will take under my wing my sons and daughters of every race I have created, and I will personally take it upon myself to search for them and bring them back to safety. My hand will extend with strength and love, to gather them from every corner of desolation and bring them back into the light of my presence. Be ready, because my will will be done!

(see Ezekiel 34:1-11)