My beloved family,

In a time when challenges seem insurmountable and division is rampant, allow me to reveal to you a vision of hope and renewal, a future where My divine guidance and care manifest with power and love.

Imagine a world where, like a shepherd who tirelessly searches for every single lost sheep, so I, with unwavering determination and unconditional love, will dedicate myself to reuniting and protecting you, my sons and daughters of the human and angelic race. I will gather you from scattered corners of darkness and despair, extract you from the clutches of usurpers and defilers, and guide you to a ground of hope and prosperity. I will feed you, protect you, and make sure you rest in safe places, where abundance and peace will be the norm, not the exception.

I will personally lead my vast and varied family created by Me with deep love and extreme devotion. I will actively seek out those who have been lost along the way, I will embrace the forgotten, I will heal the wounds of soul and body, and I will instill new strength and infinite life in those who find themselves in difficulty. But I will not tolerate injustice or oppression; I will act with fairness and justice, ensuring that every member of my extended family is treated with the dignity they deserve.

To you, my children of humanity and of the angelic race, I say: prepare yourselves for a new order, where there will no longer be room for oppression or division. I will protect the vulnerable and establish a just Prime Minister, a prince among you, a creation of mine chosen by me for his wisdom, humility and his ability to unite. I, the Almighty Creator, will be recognized as your God, and my faithful servant, will be at the center of this new beginning.

I will establish a pact of peace, I will remove every malignant and destructive virus from the entire universe, and I will ensure that you, my sons and daughters, live in safety and abundance. The seasons will change with the rhythm of the blessing, the land will flourish and the harvests will be abundant. I will break the chains of your submission and free you, as my most precious family, from all slavery.

This will be a time when you will no longer know fear, but rather a new era of security and prosperity that will last forever. I will create a new world in which each of my creatures can grow, free from hunger and wickedness. It will be clear to all of you that I, your Creator and eternal protector, am always with you, and that together we form a united and invincible family.

Know this, my dear children, human and angelic: I do not place myself before you only as your Almighty Creator, but I also surround you in the warmth and love of a Father. You represent my nobility, the sacred progeny lovingly shaped by me. It is together, hand in hand, that we forge the path towards a bright and promising future.

(see Ezekiel 34:12-31)