The fallen angels, who have become hosts of darkness, crowd in silence in front of the celestial gates, an imposing tide of lost souls seeking redemption. Once majestic winged entities, now deserting creatures, they prostrate themselves in silent supplication, with their gaze bowed towards the eternity that had exiled them. Millennia of rebellion dissolve in a moment of contrition, while the waiting multitude expands, an ocean of repentance that washes the threshold of infinity.

The sky, once distant and unreachable, now seems to vibrate with a promise, an echo of mercy that resonates in the depths of being. The Father, through his last messenger, wove words of forgiveness, filaments of hope that cross the chasm between the divine and the fallen, revealing a path of return.

Then, in the culmination of this cosmic drama, the doors swing open. An indescribable light pours over them, a divine flow that penetrates every fiber, every shadowy corner of the soul. It’s not just lighting; it is transformation. Light reveals, purifies, redeems. The fallen angels, in the heart of this radiance, discover the true essence of their desire for redemption. It is a rebirth, a baptism of fire and glory that regenerates them, raises them up, brings them back to life.

An ineffable presence approaches, a silhouette of pure light that envelops them in an embrace that is home, that is a return, that is a new beginning. “Welcome home, my son,” whispers the Infinite, a voice that is every voice, that is unconditional love. In that touch, in the embrace of light, they rediscover their lost immortality, a renewed gift that surpasses any memory of past glory.

Kneeling, but no longer dejected, they rise again in the forgiveness that envelops them, a mantle of light that renews them. Every angel, every creature of that vast army, finds themselves at home, in a place they had never really left, except in the labyrinths of the heart. Now, that labyrinth opens into a ballroom, where they dance free, strong, healed.

And in the heart of the eternal, in the breath of the Father, whispers of “home, sweet home” spread like a melody that envelops the universe, a hymn to life rediscovered, to forgiveness granted, to a reunited family. A timeless celebration, for those who dared to lose everything, only to find themselves in the hearts of those who had never stopped loving.