If the dead:

  • Do not “live” but, as the Bible affirms, wait in the tomb to be resurrected for the final judgment, then I cannot attribute to them the production of paranormal phenomena.
  • “Sleep”, then I cannot attribute to them the action of moving tables and making phonic recordings on magnetic tapes.
  • “Rest”, the figures which appear during séances are able counterfeiters, liars, who have no regard for the feelings and affection that bound the living to the deceased, but take advantage of the memory and often the appearance, for ignoble purposes.

No dead person can ever appear to anyone; the Lord God says so.

And if Spiritualism has dared for millennia to assert the contrary, then I can deduce that Spiritualism is in opposition to the Master of the universe.

I come to the conclusion that the doctrine of the immortality of the soul is the most powerful deception that the DEMONS have always used against the human race.