In the blackest abyss of existence, where the echo of the ancient enemy’s decline echoes in an endless void, the architect of cosmic chaos is confronted with the crushing reality of his failure. The words of the “divine messenger”, simple yet so acute, become blades of ice that pierce the heart of darkness, lighting in him a fire of anger that burns with the intensity of a thousand hells. This fury, as old as time itself, is the last testimony of an entity that, faced with the abyss of defeat, chooses destruction as its last, desperate cry.

The Earth, this fragile jewel of the universe, is transformed into the final arena of his revenge. Humanity, with its imperfections and its indomitable beauty, becomes the mirror of everything that has been denied to him, the emblem of a light that he tried to suffocate but which continues to shine, challenging and pure. His wrath, a storm of unprecedented darkness, is the song of a dying lion who, in the final moment, wants to mark the world with the fangs of eternity.

His storms of desperation, as they tear apart the sky and darken the sun, are not only the announcement of a twilight of the gods but a desperate request to be remembered, to engrave his name with letters of fire in the collective memory of creation . This battle, however, brings with it a tragic irony: every blow dealt to humanity only illuminates the abyss of his defeat, showing the world and himself the infinite depth of his fall.

Yet, as his shadow envelops the world, an unexpected scenario unfolds before him. The light, the same light he tried to destroy, shines through the cracks created by his fury. The Good, with a resilience that challenges the imaginable, demonstrates an immeasurable strength, a love that pervades everything, even the deepest darkness. This realization is a blade that plunges into the heart of darkness, revealing an inescapable truth: true power lies in love, a force that he, on his path to perdition, has chosen to ignore.

The end of the ancient enemy is approaching, not only as the twilight of an era but as the epilogue of an eternal tragedy. In his very last gesture of rebellion, the essence of his failure is revealed in its entirety: a being who, wrapped in the magnificence of the power given to him by the Creator, has lost the vision of the only truth that could have saved his soul – the infinite love, the supreme gift of a Father who, despite everything, continues to love his creatures without conditions, even those who are lost in the deepest darkness.

Thus, in his attempt to annihilate humanity, the ancient enemy does nothing but seal his destiny, revealing his impotence in the face of the immensity of divine love. Its end is a warning, a silent reminder that, even in the depths of the darkest night, there is a light that no shadow can extinguish: unconditional love that triumphs over darkness, a love that, eternal and invincible, patiently waits the return of every lost soul.