From ages immemorial, a dark moon has obscured the sun, the Celestial Ruler, the only true source of light. But the solar age is about to rise again, bringing with it divine light and truth. Nothing can hide this dark moon anymore. Before the unlimited power of the Sun of the universe, every shadow vanishes. He is the alpha of life, the all-permeating warmth.

This moon, which once dared to pass itself off as the sun thanks to its fleeting splendor, never understood, nor did it want to accept, that its light was not its own, but a mere reflection of the true King star. Now, darkening between the sun and the solar system, revealed its true being: no more than a soulless satellite, a simple echo of sunlight.
Once upon a time, this moon proudly (and proudly!) lit up the skies; now it has turned into a black moon, bare and cold. Deprived of the life that flows from solar energy, it has become inert, a vain presence that hinders the sun’s vital rays, preventing them from nourishing the other worlds, which without them languish and rot.

This moon has become a herald of darkness and death. But it will be destined to implode, freeing the passage to the solar rays that will renew the entire creation, inaugurating an era in which nothing will stand in the way of the divine creative Entity, which will spread the essence of life in every corner of the universe.

And while darkness envelops everything in its impenetrable cloak, a fragile and persistent whisper emerges from the solitude of the cosmos. It is born from a small lamp, a spark of light placed on the planet surrounded by the shadows of the black moon. This message of hope and rebirth spreads through the eternal silence of space, a hymn of resistance against the oppression of darkness.

The whisper grows, fueled by the indomitable spirit of those who do not surrender to the darkness, promising not only the end of darkness, but the reborn dominion of Light. It speaks of an imminent time when the one true Sun will rise again in glory, sweeping away the darkness with Its divine radiation. The triumph of Light will be total, a cosmic celebration of life that blooms anew, free from chains and nocturnal veils.

And so, from that distant point in the cosmos, the whisper turns into a triumphant clamor, a song that crosses galaxies and defies time, bringing with it the promise of an endless dawn, where every creature, every world, every star it will be bathed in eternal Light, reborn under the watchful eye of the universal Sun.