God’s rain promised in the Bible for the last days will bathe all Jesus BIG fans with its refreshing powerful drops. Smalltime fans of Jesus on the other hand will remain high and dry. They will pass from being spiritually lukewarm to total submission to the prince of the Matrix.

–          A smalltime fan of Jesus doesn’t expect great things of God because he/she believes in a small God.

–          A smalltime fan of Jesus soon stops praying because their faith in God is small.

–          A smalltime fan of Jesus, having received a divine blessing, is satisfied immediately and goes back to spiritual sleep in the shadows of the Matrix.

The smalltime fan of Jesus will be amazed when God’s rain falls without even touching them and falls on those around them. They will ask in extremis for this BIG blessing, but it will be too late. Those who thought they were fans of Jesus will look in the mirror and see reflected the image of a slave of the Matrix.

Dear fan of Jesus, immediately reject being smalltime / lukewarm because you do not know the day when God’s rain will come… Jesus’ word (Matthew 25:1-13)! It’s time to grow into the full measure and stature of Jesus! It’s now time to get ready to receive God’s rain.