The sad story of a mortal prince without a kingdom

The “sub-creator” (the so-called prince of the Matrix) wants to be the Lord and God of his own “creation”: Matrix, aka Babylon. So he rebels against the laws of the Creator God, wickedly deviating the creative, harmonious and perfect balance.

His disastrous fall and the immortality lost, lead him to his ambition for power. And the craving for power is, more than anything else, exactly lust for immortality.

The worst nightmare for the Prince of Matrix is ​​nothing more than TIME. So as a fan of Jesus, I feel his desperate, last-ditch attempt to stop the inevitable conclusion of his era. His wheezing and shortness of breath is caused by the realization that his time is almost running out, and is devoured by anxiety. Created as a light-bearer, he will sadly flicker out as a black star, whose existence has only brought darkness and bitter cold.

A mortal prince without a kingdom, who dreams of a world all of his own, a Matrix in his image and likeness, he abuses the talents given to him by the Creator with the perverse purpose of dominating, manipulating and subjugating the will of others, poisoning the human minds with false promises and fleeting temptations. It is a false spirituality, whose only goal is the destruction of the Creator’s true gift  to His beloved creature, the human race; who have a chance to reunite and have an unlimited life with Him, He who created and loved me.

On the contrary, the Prince of the Matrix disguises his lies as “freedom”, and its emptiness as “life.” Through a course of evolutionary enlightenment, one of his main promises is actually achieving a state of mystical and vague immortality. Here is the ultimate seduction of the Prince of Matrix, a sign of the times that predicts a very definite but not-so-soft landing of the ancient star/son of the morning (see Isaiah 14:12), today only a black star.

Winding down to this time period in history, the citizens of the Matrix are literally consumed by corruption and greed.  And even if everything seems lost and the forces of darkness seem to have victory in hand, through the intervention of the Almighty Creator God,  only the good will last.

Yes, there is an Almighty Creator and loving father who cares about the fate of planet Earth that He Himself created. He pursues an infallible plan of salvation. And even the smallest of creatures in the human race is of fundamental importance in this divine plan. That includes me.

According to Jesus Himself, aren’t all Jesus’ fans (see Matthew 5:14) the new light-bearers?