How wonderful it is to have a good restful sleep. But how dangerous is it to let your soul, your critical spirit or your own conscience go to sleep? Yet I continue to enjoy this soft, persuasive sleep, because it gives me the sweet illusion that all is well and that I do not have to struggle for change, reform or revolution.

How did this evil sleep hypnotize even me, despite the fact that I think myself so intelligent, clever and vigilant?

Perhaps I’m concentrating too much on the past … to the glorious times during the reforms and revolutions of the past, hoping to repeat this incredibly heroic past with simple “cloning”. But the past is past and will never turn back because the present deals with different conditions altogether.

Maybe I need to learn to think differently by getting my directions and deliverance from the future, not the past. But how? Through premonitions given me by my guiding star (the Bible). It’s useless, even unprofitable, rolling around in the soft sheets of the glory days of the past. I need to build the future today, in the present.

The creator God does not only speak to me through past writings and messengers. Even though His age-old messages remain more valid and true today, they cannot take the place of his current voice, showing us He’s alive and well. If I have the courage to wake up, and start to look at the present without my glasses (causing me to be partial) to the past, then I’ll start to identify new approaches and new inspirations that are not at all connected to the past because they are completely brand new. This is how the Matrix begins to take shape, right before my eyes. My ears will begin to distinguish new and strange sounds and messages … I will feel like I can almost reach out and touch the luciferian Matrix that surrounds and crushes me. It is a diabolically parasitic and enslaving system that has little in common with the ancient Babylon of the past. Well, having the same spirit, it is indeed the evolution and continuation thereof, but, with the glasses of the past, it becomes perfectly invisible, therefore lethal!

If, on the contrary, I prefer to bask in the security of my traditions that tell me that I’m on the right track, I observe the right doctrines and that I have need of nothing because I already have the whole truth, then might as well say: Good night.