I live in a world where my worth and my usefulness is limited to my productivity, performance or accomplishments. If I don’t accomplish, if I don’t produce, I’m worth nothing… I’m useless, even harmful: a cancer in society.

Every day, my conscience has been violated and my heart abused by the Matrix hierarchy, while forcing me to accomplish and achieve, to work obsessively and to produce. The result is not important, it doesn’t matter that what I do is moral or good. What I produce is all that counts.

Consequently, I have to be drugged, addicted and overloaded with stress, and stuffed with artificial, exciting and dangerous influences … until I … “burn out”. I have turned into livestock, an animal fattened under oppression, confined, to become the final product.

Jesus on the other hand tells me that I’m valuable, no matter what I say or do. My presence alone is enough to justify life on this planet. I have been wonderfully designed. Everything about me is important and unique: my eyes, my voice, my thoughts, my smile, my tears. I have not been created to “do” but to “be”.

My Creator accepts me and loves me for who I am, over and above what the Matrix tells me and wants me to believe.

I want to embrace life, happiness, and my own soul. I want to love myself and my neighbour. My Creator holds me in His omnipotent arms. I want to surrender to Him. I want to eliminate the Matrixian venom and I yearn to be born again. Yes, I want the diamond embeded in me, to ultimately shine through.