Cursed is he that gathers and piles up things that are not his!

Cursed is he who is eager for ill-gotten gains, in order to glamorize and enhance his home and to escape the hand of evil!

Cursed is he that builds up on the blood of his neighbor, and uses injustice as his foundation!

Cursed is the one who only pretends to offer help to his brother in need, and delights in his humiliation and defeat!

Cursed is the man who, instead of trusting in the wisdom of the Creator, places his future in the hands of mere humans– along with deceptive and arrogant wealth and intelligence.

Cursed is he who boastfully acts inappropriately.

Blessed is the righteous! For he will receive immortality as a result of his faith.

(see Habakkuk 2: 6, 9, 12, 15, 19, 4)