The so-called fans of Jesus in today’s Matrixian times place great emphasis on the imminent reawakening of God’s people. All the churches invoke this miraculous reawakening that ought to give strength and power to those who declare themselves followers of the Christ.

A reawakening can only occur after sleep. Sleep, in turn, is likened by Jesus Himself to death (John 11:11-13). Therefore, a reawakening is none other than a rebirth. Indeed, God the Son (Jesus) explains to Nicodemus that he must be born again if he wants to see the kingdom of God (John 3:3). Isn’t baptism itself the symbol of the death of my old Matrixian Self and the rebirth of my new Self as a fan of Jesus?

But how is it that the so-called fans of Jesus talk so much about reawakening/rebirth but omit to mention the death of my arrogant, proud, self-exalted Matrixian Self, or at best, cover the argument with criminal superficiality? Furthermore, how is it that so-called “Christians” place so much emphasis on reawakening/rebirth and forget the necessary condition of the preceding death? If my old Matrixian Self does not die, who else but the same Matrixian Self can reawaken/be reborn?

A reawakening/rebirth that is not preceded by the death of my Matrixian Self is a Luciferian reawakening, prophetically described by Jesus in the parable of the ten virgins, in which five virgins (defined as foolish) reawaken but still remain false fans of Jesus who are not animated (and thus transformed) by the Spirit of God, symbolized by the oil.

A true fan of Jesus, a Christian style fan, stops focusing on a useless, sterile reawakening, and places their focus on the death of their Matrixian self. Reawakening, true and genuine reawakening, will be an inevitable consequence, because it has always been promised by Jesus: “Whoever loves their Matrixian life will lose it and whoever hates their Matrixian life will gain eternal life.” (See John 12:25).

The prince of the Matrix places the limelight on reawakening. God turns His beacon on the death of my Matrixian Self. Am I willing to make Self die to make room for the new creature within me that will be in Jesus’ image and likeness?