40 – FORTY

The number forty is a number with a great deal of symbolic significance in the Bible, my pole star. The number forty represents ordeal and preparation (Psalm 95:10), after which the divinely-inspired (and prophetically-announced) mission begins much earlier:

1) 40 are the years that Moses spends in the desert before being considered a valid instrument for the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt;

2) 40 are the days that Jesus spends in the desert tempted by the prince of the Matrix before beginning His mission as Messiah;

3) 40 are the days that Jesus, after His resurrection, spends with His disciples before anointing them (on the fiftieth day) for their apostolic vocation;

But this number takes on great significance in the Bible in an Apocalyptic sense too, i.e. for the last days of the Matrix (see Ezekiel 29:11-16). At the end of this period of ordeal, God will gather His fans from among the peoples where they will have been dispersed and will make them return from their exile.

Shake off the dust, dear fan of Jesus; rise up, people of God! Loosen the chains from your neck, you daughter of Zion, a slave in the Matrix! (See Isaiah 52:2). The hour of ordeal and of sleep has come to an end, and the OMEGA era is about to dawn.