Even though the society in which I live tells me I am only a number, I want to FLY HIGH!

Even though the “leaders” see me as a mere “follower” to be indoctrinated, I want to LIFT UP MY VOICE!

Even though my closest friends/relatives only emphasize the risks I’m taking, I don’t want to be afraid to SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES!

Even though the prince of the Matrix whispers to me that I’m just a failure, I want to START REFLECTING JESUS!

Even though I don’t like myself when I look in the mirror, I want to ask my Creator to make the wonderful DNA in me emerge, the DNA He placed in me when He created me!

I am a golden eagle, the child of the Creator God. I was conceived to FLY HIGH amongst all creation. I must stop crawling because of the fear and anxiety passed on to me by society/leaders/friends/relatives/… and sometimes even by myself.

Jesus came to this Earth and FLEW HIGH. Then He looked me straight in the eyes and said to me: “Follow me!” What am I waiting for to take flight with Jesus and just like Jesus?