I will soon find myself facing an incredible series of very evident paranormal phenomena, so miraculous that they will immediately cause all the world religions to agree. A well devised progressive sequence of supernatural manifestations so clear and irrefutable as to be questioned by no one. Evidence of such strength as to immediately cause all wars to cease and impose a new powerful collective conscience able to immediately unify all men as never before. But who will appear hypnotizing the world with signs and wonders?

  • The deceased, characters from history and my loved ones, who from the “other side” greatly desire to give me advice?
  • The reincarnated who, under hypnosis, are greatly concerned about enlightening me?
  • The Martians who, having come from very far away, greatly desire to meet me?
  • The spirits who present themselves to me under the false guise of ANGELS of light?
  • The goddess who is so similar (over the centuries and continents) to the ancient female divinities?
  • The Christ who wants to establish his not very heavenly and very earthly kingdom?

According to practically all the “made in the Matrix” religions, supernatural phenomena will monopolize the attention of the world in the last days. And from 2012 these supernatural phenomena will increase, unleashing all their saving, miraculous energy to unite all the religions under the wings of a new messiah. This moment coincides with the beginning of a new era of peace and wellbeing.

Is it truth or counterfeit, of ANGELS or of DEMONS? How do I know if my own senses are tricking me?

(Message taken from the Christian Style booklet, COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume II)