Our Father who art in heaven,

bestow Your blessing of perfect health on every vital microcosm that dances in the temple of our body. Pour out Your grace, regenerating every single cell with Your divine essence,

free our mind from the chains of anxiety and fear, those shadows that cloud the serene light of our inner peace. Allow us to navigate the waters of life with serenity and unconditional trust in Your loving embrace,

flood our soul with Your divine splendor, nourishing it with pure light and eternal truth, so that we may reflect Your majesty in every our thought, word and deed,

imbue our spirit with an unshakable faith, powerful as rock, which nothing can scratch. May this faith be the lighthouse that guides our steps on the path towards Your perfection,

renew our heart, transform it into a cup overflowing with love, goodness and compassion, making us a living reflection of Your infinite goodness,

grant us the morning star as a sign of Your unchanging love, that its light may guide us through the darkness, to Your eternal abode of peace and happiness.

model our being in Your image and likeness; in this lies the true path to return to You, source of all creation, whose immeasurable love envelops us without end,

call us back to Your kingdom, to the true home where every child longs to return, reminding us that we are not an ephemeral entity, but a sacred creature, forged in Your love, in Your image and likeness.

Beloved Father, our gratitude for Your lifeblood, which instills eternity, knows no boundaries. Thank you for your embrace that enlivens, elevates and sanctifies our being. To You be the honor and glory, today, always and forever.