Listen, cosmic islands and peoples of the infinite reaches of the universe!

Even before I was woven in my mother’s womb, the Creator of the Infinite called me by name, tracing the destiny of the universe through my being. With one word, he transformed my voice into a ray of pure light, capable of cutting through the darkness, and wrapped me in the shadow of his almighty hand, making me his invincible herald.

In me he infused the essence of a perfect arrow, hidden in his cosmic quiver, ready to be fired at the decisive moment of history, to radiate his glory across the galaxies.

I found myself navigating an ocean of doubt, feeling as if my energies were dissolving into the immensity of nothingness. Yet, deep within my core, I knew that my every breath was synchronized with the premonitions of my beloved North Star, that my true worth and reward were held within the beating heart of the Architect of All.

Here I am, forged by our Father who is in heaven as his guiding star, sent to reunite the fragments of existence scattered across the boundaries of creation. He has elevated me beyond the mere notion of a servant, designating me as a beacon to the nations, an executor of salvation that extends beyond the stars.

On my journey, I encountered the gaze of worlds that despised me, civilizations that rejected me, beings of power that saw me as a threat. But the promise made to me through the North Star was as clear as the crystal of the nebulae: kings and princes, systems and galaxies, would rise in my honor, recognizing the signature of the Infinite upon me.

In the appointed moment of eternity, the Architect and Creator of the Universe spoke, promising to answer my call in the time of grace, to sustain me in the day of universal salvation. He has anointed me as the supreme guardian of the divine covenant, with the sacred charge of elevating the ruined worlds, heralding liberation to the bound spirits, and leading wandering souls towards the dawn of a new and unchanging beginning.

Under divine guidance, no being will suffer the hunger of the body or the thirst of the spirit, nor will he be struck by the mirage of illusion or burned by the sun of oblivion. And I will become the helmsman who will guide souls along spiritual paths towards sanctuaries of immortal life, transfiguring every chasm into luminous paths.

From the event horizon to the ends of the observable universe, beings of every race will converge, united in the celebration of universal rebirth, bearing witness to our Father’s boundless compassion towards his children, precious gems of his magnificent original design.

Even in the face of the black hole that seemed to swallow the essence of creation, I carried the unshakable certainty that no child of the Almighty can be forgotten. The name of each of his angelic and human creatures is engraved on the palms of our Father’s hands.

So, as galaxies dance in harmony, as new worlds bloom from the ashes of dying stars, I proclaim: Hope in our Heavenly Father is the beacon that guides through the storms of existence, the power that frees prisoners from the chains of despair , and the song that celebrates the victory of love over darkness.

I am the messenger of the eternal dawn, the herald of the divine light that renews everything.

(see Isaiah 49, Revelation 2:26-28, Matthew 17:11)