In the immensity of a time without borders, the Sovereign of the Universe, the Almighty, makes his majestic voice resonate across the dimensions of existence:

“Here I am, manifesting myself as the last instance of judgment, the definitive arbiter between the essence of abundance and that shrouded in scarcity. You have dominated with strength, exercising oppression on the most vulnerable, dispersing them to the margins of being. I intervene now, solemnly, to bring to light those spirits clouded by injustice; I will end the age of predation, establishing a reign of divine equity.

I commission a Single Guardian, destined to materialize My divine will: My faithful servant, the dawn of a new David, who will guide My creatures along the path of righteousness and justice. I, the Architect of all reality, will be your inexhaustible source of truth, and My chosen one will shine as a prince among you, sealed by My eternal word.

I proclaim a covenant of peace, dispelling the darkness of wild threats from your world. You, My children, will find serenity in the forgotten recesses and rest under the protection of thousand-year-old trees. Every fragment of My creation will be blessed, sending rains as harmonies of abundance; the earth itself will respond with a hymn of fertility.

You my children, anchored in the dominion I have forged and granted to you, witnessing the dissolution of the chains of oppression, will be freed from the burden of the oppressors of ages past. Your essences will no longer be prey to malevolence; you will dwell in a haven of tranquility, where the shadow of uncertainty will vanish like fog under the rays of the sun.

I will cause gardens of unparalleled beauty to sprout for you; the echo of deprivation and pain will fade into history, and you will no longer know the shame of others. My presence will light your path, and you, My chosen people, will mark My seal of divinity with gratitude.

You, My progeny, created in My image and likeness, embodiment of My will, are the custodians of the gift of life. I am the alpha and omega, your glorious origin and your eternal destiny,”

declares with ineffable solemnity the Creator of all that exists.

(see Ezekiel 34:20-31)