Under the dawn of a sky that promises not light but mysteries, I find myself catapulted into an eternal valley, an immense field of human and angelic bones, scattered under a veil of gray sky that seems to hold the breath of the universe. I feel the imposing presence of the Divine upon me, an immeasurable force guiding me through this expanse of oblivion and lost memory.

“Can these forgotten relics claim life again?” A voice that does not ask for a human response echoes, bearer of a destiny already written in the stars.

With authority that surpasses the bounds of time, I am commanded to speak to this sacred silence: “O ye bones lost in eternity, hear the voice of the Almighty!” By uttering these words, the air is charged with a vibrant energy, a prelude to a miracle. By magic, a rustle of life begins to dance among the shadows, bones in search of companions come together in an ancestral ritual. Muscles and flesh envelop the inconceivable, under the gaze of those who see everything.

Yet, the ultimate essence, the spirit, is still absent, the final ingredient of a pending miracle. “So, O Spirit of the Four Winds, breathe life into these sentinels of the void!” My appeal crosses the threshold of the imaginable, and an ancient breath responds, breathing existence. In front of me, an army of new hopes takes shape, an ocean of existences redeemed from oblivion, ready to demonstrate the majesty of those who evoked them from silence.

The Almighty entrusts the word to me again, a message of rebirth: “These bones embody the soul of My wandering creatures, who from the depths of abandonment cry out for redemption. But I am here, to restore hope, to guide all My children, human and angelic, towards the radiance of My eternal promise.”

Thus, under my voice, the tombs open wide, revealing paths towards never-seen dawns. “Ye shall find life, for I have spoken in the name of the Almighty, and my word shall be made manifest.”

In this scene where the sacred meets the earthly, where the unthinkable bends before the sovereign will, a new chapter opens, under the benevolent gaze of those who can do everything, create everything, love without end.

(see Ezekiel 37:1-14)