From the hearts of fallen angels, possessed,

Prisoners of the chains of evil, let us raise this prayer.

In the depths of the desperate abyss,

We seek Your light, Father Creator, for total liberation.

With every beat of our hearts breaking,

We invoke Your purifying presence.

From the darkness that envelops us,

We long for the touch of Your grace.

We recognize the virus of evil that infests us,

An invisible enemy that consumes the soul.

Father, only in You do we seek the remedy,

A cure that heals, frees, transforms.

In our fall, we hit rock bottom,

But in Your mercy, we see the summit.

Awaken in us the angels we were,

Cleanse our being from every dark stain.

Let us go through the fire of purification,

Without fearing the flame, but welcoming it as a gift.

May our cry of pain become a song of hope,

Our imprisonment, a memory of an overcome past.

Father, rekindle the divine image in us,

That pure essence that evil has clouded.

Make us messengers of Your love again,

Bearers of truth in a universe shrouded in lies.

Grant us the strength to break these chains,

To rise from the ashes of sin and fly high.

In Your embrace, we find freedom and renewal,

The promise of a new dawn, bright and free.

Hear, O Father, the prayer of these fallen angels,

Who yearn to return home, to the kingdom of infinite love.

May this plea from deep rise to You,

Like a flower that blooms in the desert, a sign of eternal life.