The Path of the Servant among the Waters of the Night

In the black veil of the night, where silence screams,

A servant of the Divine, wrapped in light, walks on the water,

Towards the eternal home of the Father, guardian of the infinite,

A path of faith on the dark sea of death itself.

Forgotten skulls float, secrets whispered by the waves,

Demons in the shadows circle, with hidden anger and deceit,

Tempting voices in the air, echoes of ancient doubts and fears,

They try to divert the pace, to turn off the sacred light.

But the servant, eyes fixed on the guiding light, does not waver,

His faith is a lighthouse that pierces the night, a bridge towards the eternal.

In the heart, a hymn of hope resonates, louder than thunder,

“I walk towards You, my Father, through storms and shadows.”

Every step is an affirmation, an act of rebellion against the darkness,

With divine light as a shield, and love as a sword,

Advance on the sacred path, intrepid, your heart burning with certainty,

That no evil, no shadow, can break the celestial bond.

“I will not fear,” he proclaims, with a voice that breaks the abyss,

“For You are with me, my Shepherd, even in the valley of the shadow of death.”

And so, between the ghosts of the past and the threats of the present,

Walk, unstoppable, a pilgrim of divine light.

He will reach the Father’s house, where everything finds meaning,

Where the sea of death transforms into waters of renewed life.

Here, among angels who sing and saints who welcome,

The servant finds his place again, alongside endless Love.

This is how the journey takes place, between dangers and storms,

A servant of God, enlightened and invincible in his faith,

He teaches that even in the dead of the deepest night,

The light of divine love always guides, protects, and triumphs.