Creator, source of love,

Bless every cell, every flower.

May your grace flow, renew life,

In us, Your divine essence, live.


Free our mind from fear, from veil,

Lead us peacefully into Your sky.

Wisdom, knowledge, give us from You,

In every gesture, reflect your light.


Unshakeable faith, instill in us,

Guide us, Father, in Your spark.

Heart renews, transforms in love,

Reflection of goodness, eternally informs.


Morning star, hope light up,

In the darkness, Your light, extend to us.

Jesus, model, in Your image,

Bring us back to the Father, to his admirable face.


Remember us, we are not ephemeral,

But sacred, in Your likeness, true.

United with You, in eternal contemplation,

Your Majesty we glorify, without hesitation.


For your life, what eternity it gives us,

Thank you for the hug that crowns us.

To You, all praise, honor, glory,

Today, always, in eternal history.