“Post tenebras lux” is a Latin phrase translated as “light after darkness.” These words appear as “Post tenebras spero lucem” or “after darkness I hope in the light” also in the Vulgate version (Latin translation of the Bible from the ancient Greek and Hebrew version) of my guiding star in the Old Testament book of Job chapter 17, verse twelve.

Simply but powerfully, these three simple words contain the truth about the future that awaits me.

Yes, the light will win over darkness.

Yes, transparency will win over obscurity.

Yes, justice will win over lawlessness and injustice.

“Do not fear the Matrix, for I am with you to deliver you,” says Jesus. (See Jeremiah 1: 8)

Yes, Jesus will win over the conceited and self-exalted prince of the Matrix and his evil followers.

After the Matrixian darkness, the light of love and justice from the Creator God will shine, sparkling and radiant. He will throw the doors wide open to my house and my father’s house: the doors of heaven

Post tenebras spero lucem … post tenebras lux!