• Jesus did not idolatrize religious rituals and traditions, on the contrary, on several occasions he laid them bare for all to see;
  • Jesus did not oblige people to go to the temple to find God, on the contrary, it was He who went into the towns and presented His heavenly Father in the squares;
  • Jesus did not spur people to seek God through human intermediaries, on the contrary, He pointed directly to heaven to a close, loving and direct relationship with the Creator.

In short, Jesus was demolishing the Matrixian hierarchical pyramid of power that the religious representatives had ably constructed over the centuries, inviting the vertices of this pyramid to take a bath of humility, i.e. to strip themselves of the arrogant power with which they had unjustly clothed themselves. But to humble themselves before simple, ignorant and insignificant people was too much for these characters who believed themselves to be so important, special and superior. To substitute “dominion” with “service” aimed straight at these leaders’ ego. But to bend their backs to bow before the simplest in order to serve them, as Jesus did with the disciples, was truly unthinkable and unacceptable for those who felt closer to God than to man.

This mindset that substitutes human pride with divine humility is an unbearable idea for those who are animated by the spirit of the prince of the Matrix.