Radio London was the series of radio programs broadcast by the BBC, the British radio corporation, to the people of continental Europe under Nazi occupation during World War II. The staff at Radio London became famous for their timely broadcasting of information all over the world, and, thanks to the calm, reasonable comments, so different from the haughty Nazi pomposity, transmitted a sense of serenity and hope for the future. Radio London’s role also became crucial for the war effort by sending special messages, devised by the Allied high command and destined for local resistance units.

The Bible prophesies that in the last days, during the fierce dictatorship of the Matrix, there will be a new “Radio London” which will broadcast, despite having few, humble means, the truth in a world shrouded in mendacious darkness. And the pole star of every fan of Jesus also promises that the arrogant, false propaganda of the Matrix, despite its powerful means, will not be able to stifle this cry which will shatter the conspiratorial silence that will enshroud everything and everyone. On the contrary, it confirms to me that this voice will light up the earth with its glory (Revelation 18:1).  This voice will unmask every attempt made by the Matrixian propaganda to play down the reality and gravity of the situation. This voice will send a powerful message to all Jesus’ fans: “Come out of the Matrix!”